To be a high quality international centre for shaping young individuals into Powerful, Determined and Happy Achievers.


Enable each child to attain fulfillment and happiness in life through personal Achievement. Contribute powerful future citizens to the global society.


Development of creative programs, methods & concepts to achieve our vision.

Have a dialogue with parents to share our knowledge & research of good parenting practices and counsel them.

Carry out research activities in child development & achievement motivation.

Share our research with governments and public institutions to help in framing nation's policies.

Network with global institutions to learn mutually out of shared experience and develop capabilities.

Publish papers regarding our research and share them through other media.


We have a deep faith in every child's potential.

We hold admiration and respect for all the extraordinary men and women who have shaped our world.

We believe in retaining the element of fun in all the learning activities designed for a child.

We have a conviction in the educational & motivational impact of learning from role models and hands-on learning.

We believe in constant innovation and continuously look for ways to improve our programs and services.

We hold a passion for all that we do and we do everything with honesty, integrity and for excellence.