Our programs admit children from 8 to 15 years.

As we know, achievement is not gained simply by the efforts of a few years but it is a life-long challenge and requires a motivated mindset and an attitude of accomplishing at even the small tasks of life from a very young age.

The theories of famous psychologists Erik H. Erikson and Sigmund Freud describe this stage of 7-12 years as a sort of 'entrance to life'. At this age, the inputs given to the children leave a deep impact and go a long way in developing their habits and values which guide their future actions in life. These psychologists believed that at this age we need to develop the children from within, help them to find and excel at what they are naturally good at, and then they will achieve the sense of purpose and industriousness on which everything else can then be built.

The study of success stories of many great people show that they have had significant experiences and developments at very young ages, which laid the solid foundations of their Achievements. As the eminent psychologist Howard Gardner observes, 'An adult creator draws repeatedly on the capital of childhood.'