What is this program all about?

Children learn about accomplished leaders through history or current world affairs and normally visualize as an adult's domain. This program widens the vision by talking about leadership opportunities right from childhood and introduces leaders from various fields like politics, social, business and spiritual. It also highlights the role of socially helpful goals, communication and people skill for a leader. The process develops a belief in children that leadership is not only inborn, it can be cultivated through a desire and conscious efforts to upgrade personal qualities.

How will Poiesis help your child?

Children are introduced to the concept of leadership opportunities at their age and hence it creates the possibility thinking. They are inspired through the lives of Great Leaders. They have opportunities to explore their own leadership potential through role plays and understand how to become Responsible Leaders. Children learn important facets of public speaking, persuasive communication and process of decision making.This generates confidence of being better equipped and they are motivated to apply themselves in various situations.


To understand the concept of 'leadership in childhood'.

To develop essential leadership qualities in young children.

To enhance communication skills.

To inspire to become powerful and responsible future leaders of the society.

Parents' session:

The session with parents focuses on concept of leadership, qualities of a leader and leadership in children. While explaining the important aspects of communication, relations, collaboration and decision making, it highlights role of parents as a catalyst, with many 'take-home' messages.

Program Details

Eligible Age - 11 - 13 years

Total Sessions - 15 (14 for children, 1 for parents)

Total Duration - 30 hours

Fees - Rs.5,000/- per participant, which includes the cost of the program materials.

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