Learning Through Exposure :

Learning through exposure is very much a part of our philosophy. The children visit a few important and interesting institutions as a part of our program. Additionally, we have also organized visits for all our past and present students to many places. This has enriched them in more ways than one.

We had organized a visit of Doordarshan Kendra, Ahmedabad for our techno-smart kids to explore the concept to telecasting process of DD Girnar on 8thFebruary, 2020. Around 40 inquisitive kids joined for the fun and learn expedition. Hands-on learning activities outside the classroom always lead to new thinking due to information acquired, motivation and personal development. The visit provided unique opportunities for 'learning by seeing and exploring' and encouraged students to get engaged with latest technology, Doordarshan and its people, in a new way. Children obtained practical information about how news are read, video and audio are recorded, stored, edited and transmission is done on television. It was very amazing to see young explorers asking too many questions to clear their doubts! They realized that what we see on TV is not easy to make, it requires a lot of hard-work by creative and technical team behind the scene to make it happen. Children also spent time with the director of Doordarshan, Ms. Rupaben Mehta and learnt important life lessons from her life. What Confucius has said, "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand", is absolutely true.

Children's feedback…

"The best thing that I liked about visit starts from my first step in the Poiesis till I stepped out. It was a trip which taught me how to divide the work in parts. And then put all the work together and make a master project. I also learned about leadership in the bus from my role model of life, Beenamam. " - Dwij Budhia

"I learnt quite a few things at Doordarshan. I learned about the different instruments required for audio and video transmission. I saw how the news is telecasted, different types of auditory equipment and cameras are used." - Suhani Meena

"The best thing I liked about this visit was learning teleprompting and Chroma key technology. The anchor in the news didn't have to memorize all the stuff but they really had to read the lines that appeared under the screen." - Gaatha Shah

"I learnt how graphics were made and how cameras where used for video-recording." - Jash Lohiya

"I liked that Rupa ma'am spent time with us. She is very courageous and always ready to learn and explore new things. Even at this age, she is learning to become a clown! I learnt from her that, "We should never stop learning to become successful." - Zeal Adhyaru

"From Rupa ma'am, I learnt that we should never give up even if we don't know anything. We should trust our self and try harder." - Diva Patel

The Poiesis children from current and past batches were invited for a visit to the world-class and internationally acclaimed I.I.M. Ahmedabad on 8th June, 2019. About 40 children took the opportunity to see the campus spread over 100 acres. It has an impressive architecture with library as a link between classrooms and faculty offices. The library has the tallest building indicating knowledge as a 'super-power'. The children were overwhelmed to see the collection and facilities of the library. We are sure that this exposure will play an important part in their dream of studying at world-class institution.

Children's feedback…

"It was enriching to visit a place that produces some of the greatest minds of the country who run the business. A true humbling experience. " - Nroop Shah

"The visit to the library was unique and memorable. It has a huge collection of books, periodicals and e –material. Mind boggling." - Suhani Meena

"I have a dream to study at one of the best institutes when I grow up. Today's visit strengthened my dream." - Rahee Shah

"The visit turned out to be really informative. I came to know how such a big institute works." - Kushal Saptarshi

"It was a very amazing , inspiring and motivating experience. It was great to interact with library people." - Dia Shah

"I was very excited from last 2 days for this visit. I really enjoyed the trip." - Vraj Shah

"I liked the visit, made more friends." - Priyal Patel

"I liked the architecture. It Is unique." - Udayan Bhargava

"I liked the way the classrooms are! Talking to a professor was a wonderful experience." - Parini Shah

55 eager children colorfully dressed in winter clothes visited Thol Lake to see birds on 8th Jan, 2017. They were excited when they saw 30 different types of birds and learnt about their habits and migration pattern.

The children also received a green certificate as a tree is planted in their name making the environment greener.

Children's feedback…

"The best thing was, I saw many new birds like green bee eater, laughing dove, purple sun bird, many types of herons, coot etc., which we do not see otherwise. Learnt about their habitat and migration too! It was fun. " - Anaya Shah

"I enjoyed seeing birds on trees and in water with binocular and telescope. We were so excited that it was difficult to observe silence. We learnt to control ourselves." - Manit Patel

"I made many new friends. I learnt to respect nature. I came to know how many birds get hurt due to 'manja'. (kite flying string) I will not fly kites and save birds." - Isha Lakhani

"Thol is a good place to spend time with friends. We had a long bird walk. Sir and mam also gave information about how to save environment and birds. It has made me more responsible." - Raj Shah

"I enjoyed being with nature and see birds. Some people had littered the place. We picked up the empty packets, put it in dust-bin and cleared the place. We must maintain cleanliness." - Nakul Patel

We remember and recall very little of what we hear but it goes up very high when we hear, see and experience- The children of The Explorer – Smarter Habits, Greater Joy program had a life-time experience by visiting 94.3 My FM Radio station. They explored how a radio station works and met Rj Vishal – The Khushhal. They had so many questions like ye gaana kahan se aata hai? Program kaise banta hai? Aap change kar sakte ho? They sang a song too on radio – Manma emotion jage re. Super fun!!

Exposure and personal experience provide a deeper understanding of any subjects. Exposure to nature satisfies our curiosity and provides insights into systems thinking-how everything is intertwined. On December 25, 2015, morning 6:30, 42 children visited Serenity Library, Botanical Garden, Ahmedabad and realized the benefits. They were excited to watch birds, saw the butterfly life cycle and also learnt more about the different types of plants! They were happy and mesmerized by the nature's beauty and determined to spend more time to be with nature. Here is what they shared…

Children's feedback…

"I saw a plant named Mimosa. If we touch it, its leaves get closed and after sometime it would open automatically. It has a sense to react to touch. It is also called 'Touch me not'. " - Aryan Ranpura

"We came to know about many plants and their characteristics. Water plants have waxy leaves/stems and low water density. Fresh fruits attract birds and insects for nectar. Many animals and plants are interdependent. They have thorns to protect themselves." - Anaya Shah

I saw swallow fly bird which was yellow in color and a Bulbul whose color was brown. Moorhen stays in water. Spoon billed duck has its beak like spoon. We also saw weaverbird's nest and butterfly lifecycle. Khushi Shah

"I saw perfume tree, used for making perfume, Plumeria, Nectar plant, Red like cotton tree, Arjun tree, Indian cork tree whose native place is Burma, Police Patel tree, Lotus leaf, Lily leaf etc. I enjoyed a lot and learned about many new trees, birds and plants." - Diya Gupta

"Plants are very useful to us. They provide us gum, medicines etc. The bark of cinchona tree has quinine on its bark which gives the medicine to those who are suffering from malaria. They play an important role in our life. Let's save them!" - Uday Malhotra

"The documentary film was very good. I came to know many new names of birds and trees." - Namami Raval

We had organized an exposure visit to GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec) city - Gandhinagar on November 20, 2015. The 40 children who participated were amazed to see the future of India and liked the term "Smart City". This visit showed them the positive and growing India. They interacted with the officials to know more about how the city is planned and what systems like potable water throughout the city, suction method of waste disposal, underground maintenance tunnels, wi-fi etc., are going to make it unique. A beautifully lit 3-D model gave a clear visual idea and was a treat to the eyes. They also got an opportunity to roam around the whole campus, see huge buildings and understand about the unique features.

Children's feedback…

"Gift City has 3 phases. It started in 2012 and will finish in 2024. It has been divided into 3 phases, each with 4 years' time. We were shown presentation on central waste disposal system, maintenance, cooling system, potable drinking water. Looked like a dream." - Viha Shah

"It was a new and interesting experience at gift city. This city will take India to a new level for technology. It is well organized from the starting." - Sahil Chopra

"The model was very nicely made. The commercial and the residential area were different. It is spread over 886 acres. It has water body and well planned roads. It will provide employment to many people." - Esha Shah

"I was surprised to see the idea of air conditioning whole city by District Cooling System. The plan of the utility system was stunning." - Anmol Joshi

"How thoughtful of the people to build underground tunnels! No digging of roads!" - Udayan Bhargava

"There were a lot of new things to save resources. The district cooling system will cool the whole city through cool water and not air. The dirty water will be utilized for DCS." - Parini Shah, Prasham Shah

"They are going to build 110 towers. I was impressed by this place." - Dviti Seth

"I learnt to plan first and then act." - Mahek Shah

The visit had a great impact on children's vision of future India. This also made them eager to do new things when they grow up.

We conducted a bird watching visit to Thol Lake for children on 1st February, 2015. The children were thrilled to see many varieties of birds including different kinds of Herons, Woodpecker, Kingfisher, Black Stilt, Indian Robin, Flamingo, Babblers, Cormorant, Egret, Darter, Coot and many more. They learnt about birds of India, their habits, beauty and different body parts and enjoyed the bird walk while exploring through binoculars, camera and telescopes.

It is said that mother nature provides all lessons of life. The children developed a lot of insights during the trip like patience is required to do something by observing how birds wait for the prey, not to cage the birds and team spirit from flying birds, abundance of nature's blessings from types and colors of birds and their place in food chain, self discipline as they had to maintain silence and many more.

Children's feedback…

"I enjoyed the bird walk. It was very long but nice. The birds were big and small. Some birds were nocturnal. The birds were beautiful." - Arav Shah

"I enjoyed learning a lot about birds. I never knew about these birds. This field trip has told me a lot about India and now I have learnt a lot about characteristics of birds." - Shreeya Patel

"I enjoyed working with the binoculars and telescope. I also enjoyed finding birds. I learnt different names of unusual birds." - Arnav Mandot.

"I enjoyed watching birds very silently. I learnt photography from a long distance." - Jay Bhambhani

"A flamingo sitting, the birds eating, a woodpecker pecking, the ducks sitting, all the things I enjoyed very much. We enjoyed and learnt from observing the patience of birds to catch the prey." - Jash Parekh

"One thing I enjoyed the most in the trip was learning names of new birds I saw and their features. I also loved to see them with binoculars and clicking pictures. I would love to come here again." - Mahi Modi

On 5th June 2013, Poiesis children were invited by NIE, The Times of India to jointly celebrate World Environment Day. Poiesis children planted saplings and had a very interesting interaction with Mr. Pradeep Das, A.G.M., The Times of India. While planting the saplings, the children were excited to touch the soil, which some of them were doing for the first time after growing up, to others it was their first experience of planting a sapling and coming so close to nature. They expressed their desire to visit TOI, Vejalpur office after some days to see the growth of the plants. Mr. Das gave a memorable gift of a sapling to each child and asked them to plant it in their garden. He also talked about the small thoughtful steps and actions an individual can take which will lead to a multiple positive impact on saving the environment. In return, children promised to follow and share these eco-friendly practices with family and friends.

In past, the foundation has also organized the adventurous journey of C.E.E. nature trail where children saw unusual birds and learnt about food chain through the web of life. C.E. E.'s Prakriti Bus was called at Poiesis campus as part of Environment Education programe and children were informed about land, water, energy, bio-diversity, climate change, etc., apart from various games and quizzes like 'Who I am?'. This exposure reinforced the 5 R's - Reuse, Reduce, Recover, Regenerate and Respect the environment.

More than one visits have been organized to the printing presses of the city to generate more awareness and interest about reading newspapers. Visits to The Times of India (NIE) and Divya Bhaskar press gave them exposure to the latest technology and a deeper understanding of the importance of coordination and to achieve a team goal of meeting the daily deadline of distributing a newspaper at their readers' doorsteps.

We have been creating special platforms for parents and children to explore and learn together. We have invited parents for Heritage Walk. The response was so overwhelming that we had to organize it twice. The kids were amazed to see the secret passages within the pols and combination of various architecture and old sewage systems. With cameras clicking pictures, both parents and children were trying their best to capture these unique moments of happiness. The life, culture, values and architecture were few of the learnings during the walk, which made the Heritage Walk not just a walk but a snapshot of the life in the olden days.

One of the parents, Mr. Ajay Kurseja said, "We have been living in the city for last thirty years; we always heard about the heritage walk but never thought it would be such a great experience to learn and enjoy from. Thanks to Poiesis' initiative, we could see this part of the city."

The children visited Kids City, Kankaria. They not only enjoyed but learnt about functioning of the bank, police station, court, etc. through role plays and hands on activities. They visited a bank, wrote a cheque and also withdrew money from ATM. They learnt about basics of fire fighting, took a ride on a fire fighter vehicle in the uniform and also extinguished the fire. The dummy court where children became judge and lawyers to punish the criminals was really amazing. The solutions they provided were really an indication of how far and new our children can think. The most impressive was on- the spot training in the theater and children performing as Gandhiji, Rani Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh etc.The visit, in a way symbolized the curiosity of children to know different facet of the real-life and realities of different professions.

The wonderful ride of BRTS and visit of the Control Room gave them an idea of the use of technology for efficiency. They enjoyed "the experience of traveling in a fast bus with friends", "seeing persons from all walks of life", "standing and maintaining balance", "reading the LED panel in the bus" as expressed by them. They were excited to see the functioning of the control room and understand the scheduling and tracking of buses. The children had very interesting questions like how the bus stops exactly at the required place, how the arrival of the bus at a bus stop is calculated, whether the bus has any emergency door, whether the corridors can also be used for ambulance and fire services why the corridor is in the middle of the road, whether we run both, AMTS and BRTS services in an area and many more.

They visited Fire & Emergency Services, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. They were thrilled and impressed to see various equipments and systems to control fire and save people in emergency situations and also the multiple functional van with a crane for rescue operations, different rescue tools like tree/ door/ concrete cutters, search and thermal imaging camera, etc.. It is a matter of pride that the Fire and Emergency Services of Ahmedabad city is the best in the country. Mr. M.F.Dastoor, Chief Fire Officer explained them not only about the operations but also talked about various aspects of leadership and how a leader should ensure good working practices, be physically strong and always be ready to serve people.

We have organized many visits for exposure. Each visit has taken the participants one step forward. Their visit to Golden Katar, Indian Army taught them lessons of patriotism, Science City opened their mind , IIM- Ahmedabad made them dreamy. The Vishala Utensils Museum, ISRO Science Museum, Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show and many other places have developed in-depth understanding of different subjects.

At Poiesis, children get a platform to meet real life achievers for inspiration and develop insights by listening to their life experiences. Some of the persons with whom children have interacted are Dr Bernie Mayor, the American Gandhi, Guruji Shri G. Narayana,

Mr. Sushil Handa, Founder Claris Lifesciences Ltd., Mr. M.F. Dastoor, Chief Fire Officer, Fire and emergency services, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Mr. Pradeep Guha, Mr. Tushar Bakhda and Mr. Shashank Dubey, etc. of NEI, The Times of India, Ahmedabad and Mr. Amitabh Shah, Founder, YUVA Unstoppable.

We also organize film shows. These films are inspirational and fun for children. Every film show has a presentation on the topic and a very meaningful discussion before, during and after the movie.

'Ratatouille' is story of a Rat (Remy), who is ambitious and gifted with highly developed sense of smell and taste. He wants to be something that a Rat has never become! The movie revolves around Remy, who has dreams of becoming a chef and tries to achieve his goal. He finds out a way but faces many problems. He wonders so many times whether he should pursue his dreams or simply go back underground and return to his life as a rat. The film shows how he followed his dream passionately and succeeds in having his own restaurant!!

I am Kalam
'I am Kalam' is story of Chhotu, an intelligent boy of 12 years who wants to study but his mother repeatedly tells him, "School is not in our destiny." One day Chhotu watches President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on television. He is inspired by him and decides to become someone who is respected by others. The film shows how he realizes his dream. A very well made, inspirational film by Smile Foundation.

The Greatest Game Ever Played
This is the story about Francis Ouimet, a 20-year-old boy who becomes winner of 1913 US open golf tournament. Is Golf a 'Gentleman's game' or a person from humble background can play? Francis was from a humble background. What are the struggles he has to go through to establish himself? While learning golf, Harry Vardon was his role model and in US open 1913, he plays against him and becomes a winner! The excellence wins over class prejudices!

This is a story about a cricket-lover boy who dreams of playing cricket for India. He has many obstacles like being deaf and mute himself, living in a remote Indian village with hardly any coaching facility and no family network. The film unfolds how he overcomes these obstacles, qualifies for Indian National Cricket Team and makes everyone proud by his splendid performance.The film is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and has Shreyas Talpade, Nasirruddin Shah and Girish Karnad in lead roles.

is a 2009 biographical sports drama film based on the life of well-known African leader Nelson Mandela. The film is depiction of how he uses rugby to unite South Africa. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mr. Mandela rallies South Africa's rugby team as they make their historic run to the 1995 Rugby World Cup Championship. The film is directed by the famous director and actor Clint Eastwood.

is a 1982 biographical film based on the life of Gandhiji, our father of the nation. It is a narration of his non-violent resistance movement against the British colonial rule in India during the first half of the 20th century and India's independence in 1947. The film was directed and produced by Sir Richard Attenborough and stars Ben Kingsley as Gandhiji.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
The Forgotten Hero is a 2005 film directed by Shyam Benegal. The movie depicts five years in the life of the Indian independence leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose during World War II. The movie highlights major events of Netaji's life like his escape from India to Germany, his meeting with Hitler and the underwater journey he takes to reach Japan to gather support of POW's.

The Adventure of Tintin
The Secret of the Unicorn. Tintin is a young journalist who writes articles based on his adventures. He and his dog, Snowy, find a model ship in market. Tintin is attacked several times but with every attack his determination to solve the mystery behind the model ship becomes stronger. The model ship holds clue to hidden treasure that was lost when the ship 'Unicorn' sunk in a sea. Finally, with the help of Captain Haddock, Tintin solves the mystery and defeats Mr.Sakharine.

Ek Ajooba
Ajooba means miracle. The film talks about a miracle in Chitra's life. Once, despite working hard, she fails to secure first rank in the class. Help arrives in the form of Guruji, a family friend and philosopher. He gives Chitra some holy ash that gives her the required confidence to try harder to reach her goal. However, her brother and his friend conspire to acquire this 'magical' ash to find quick solutions to their problems. Starring the legendary Bollywood actor Amrish Puri, Ek Ajooba, is an inspiring film that tells children that a lot of hard work and confidence are the real miracles in life.