What is this program all about?

Thinking is as natural as breathing, walking or talking, but very crucial for the progress of mankind. 'How to think better' has always been a question which has attracted thinkers right from Socrates to present day's Tony Buzan, De Bono, Howard Gardener, Project Zero Research Group of Harvard School of Education and many more. This program uses certain frameworks to make children think and learn logically, creatively, critically and mindfully.

How will Poiesis help your child?

This program is child-centric and 'fun and learn' oriented. It changes the paradigm of thinking and learning from 'difficult, boring, not for me' to a 'doable challenge and I am capable of thinking and learning'. The application of different frameworks takes their thinking to a deeper and holistic level. The children also learn to explore the connections between one's own emotion, attitudes and thinking process through hands-on activities.


To develop an understanding of our brainpower and thinking attitudes.

To explore the connections between one's own emotions and thinking process.

To understand the various techniques and methods for logical, critical and creative thinking.

To apply these methods in various situations and realise that thinking is not only useful but 'fun filled'.

Parents' session:

The session with parents focuses on various thinking tools and learning methods, which can be used by parents to stimulate better thinking in children. It also includes 'Thinking Routines' developed by 'Project Zero' research group of Harvard School of Education, which includes Prof. Howard Gardener, famous for his concept of 'Multiple Intelligence'.

Program Details

Eligible Age - 13 - 15 years

Total Sessions - 15 (14 for children, 1 for parents)

Total Duration - 30 hours

This Program is for children who have completed at least one program. Direct admission is given after meeting the child, on case to case basis.

Fees - Rs.4,500/- per participant, which includes the cost of the program materials.

For more details on registration - contact us or fill the nomination form.

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