What is this program all about?

We all believe that each child is highly talented and aspire that they excel in life and make a mark in the world. Famous psychologist David McCleland has shown in his Theory of Achievement Motivation the ways to instill the desire to achieve in persons of any age. This program is designed for developing an inner desire in the child to achieve and contribute in the world and have the paradigm of 'I Can' and 'I Will' for themselves. It makes extensive use of historic and real-life role models for inspiration.

How will Poiesis help your child?

The program works on theme of inspiration. Children come to know more about the contributions achievers have made through their life-stories. They understand the qualities required for achievement such as focus on goals, emotional intelligence, use of time and learn the process of sharpening these qualities. Other life skills like communication, building relations, reflection and continuous improvements are also cultivated in very engaging ways.


To build confidence in children through positive experiences and make them realise their untapped potential.

To orient towards 'achievement' and inspire them by real-life childhood stories and struggles of achievers.

To evolve the path of self-improvement to harness their potential and be more responsible and happy.

To make them a better friend and a team member.

Parents' session:

In the parents' session, the design, pedagogy and the aspects of different intelligences, process of achievement is explained with the focus on emotional intelligence and good parental practices.

Program Details

Eligible Age - 9.6 - 11.5 years

Total Sessions - 15 (14 for children, 1 for parents)

Total Duration - 30 hours

Fees - Rs.4,500/- per participant, which includes the cost of the program materials.

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